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Mubarak and his sons are held in prison pending further investigations...

Posted on April 13, 2011 at 6:45 AM

We all woke up to the news that former president Mubarak and his two sons were being detained for 15 days pending further investigations.  Some people celebrated while others continue to question whether or not Mubarak will actually be given a prison sentence...such conflicting sentiments will continue and poliarization within the Egyptian community is bound to intensify as parliamentary elections loom closer...

What the Egyptian people should be focusing on now is how to ensure that the masses are educated enough to vote in September and I urge Egyptians to make thier views known by acting on them and joining a political party that best reflects their beliefs and convictions.  I truly understand what 30 years of poltiical apathy has done to the Egyptian people, but I also know that the January 25th Revolution has done so much to reverse and jump-start our "electoral engines". 

Many of us still live under an intangible fear that political activism could put us in trouble, but I believe that Egypt has indeed changed...it may not be the complete change yet that we all dream of, but for sure what Egypt has achieved in the past two months is a "freedom tsunami" that has shaken the very foundation of Egyptian contemporary politics.  We may not yet realize it, but the fact that Mubarak and his sons are being put on trial is another earthquake that is sweeping across the entire region, let alone Egypt. 

The fact that we have a "former president" who is facing trial is testament to the world that former presidents need not be killed or exiled anymore.  Former presidents will be held accountable by their people in a court of law...that's the route to a democratic, civil state....

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Reply Ghadah
7:23 AM on April 13, 2011 
Like Pavlov's dog, I imagine that the Egyptians have been conditioned to fear any form of political activeness, let alone to rise up against the machine! But wow, the revolution took off in civility and (apart from the hooligans who flooded Tahrir Square) and decorum. I don't know ANYthing about the politics, before or after the revolution, but I do know something about human beings and I'm really proud of my Egyptian brothers and sisters. Sorry, I know this is a general comment, but like I said earlier, I'm a total dumdum when it comes to politics!


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