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The Ticking of Time...

Posted on February 17, 2012 at 6:10 AM
The Ticking of Time...

As you begin to bloom, you leave your protective cocoon,
    You're breaking free from your tiny bud,
Brighter and rosier than ever before,
    Now one amongst many,
Beware it's the ticking of time...

You're beginning to spread your petals,
    You sway in the wind and enjoy the sun,
A little bee comes to nuzzle against you,
    Self righteously it sucks the honey out of you,
Beware it's the ticking of time...

But this is the nature of the world,
   A red petal falls onto the wet mud,
The rain comes falling down, now in torrents,
    Your stem begins to bend, your leaves wither,
You can't go against the ticking of time...

Once beautiful and young, now bald and dying,
   You remember when the bees greedily took from you, how it stung,
But now you stand alone,
    Looking vulnerable for a kid without a stone,
You can't go against the ticking of time...

It hurts to be hurled amongst the waste,
    Once full and giving,
Your roots are torn and splitting,
   Your sap pours endlessly,
It was the ticking of time...

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