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The Flowing Stream...(published this poem in the U.S.)

Posted on June 28, 2011 at 6:25 AM
The Flowing Stream...

A stream of no beginning,
    A tunnel of no ending,
An endless dream,
   A flowing stream...

Time has no meaning,
  It's no longer demeaning,
To show thy feeling,
   To reveal thy thinking...

No anger to persuade,
   My emotion to fade,
Thee shall never be bade,

Could I abandon thee?
    Become a dying winter tree?
A honey-starved bee?
  Alas! What's left for me?

Many come, many go,
  To them all I say: No!
Not I act so to please you,
  You are not my beau...

Doing not so is fallible,
   Acting otherwise; unallowable,
To you I am pure,

The stream flows endlessly,
   Its waters taste of purity,
Shine with clarity,
   Its strength; Mighty...

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