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The Dark Compliment... (against repression in Africa)

Posted on June 28, 2011 at 6:31 AM
The Dark Compliment...

The link was cut, defined,
   Boundaries set, ranks resigned,
Minds saw reason, others struck blind,
    Torn in two, not aligned...

Separated by a stream of thought,
   Waters over which armies fought,
Rights of civilians couldn't be bought,
   No matter what the goodness sought...

Lands of preserved wilderness,
   Now ridden with bewilderness,
Cultures once unknown and dark,
   Being extinguished, leaving no mark...

Dark flesh, and blood, called third races,
   Are being repressed in locked cages,
Being shot down in upheavals and rages,
   For trying to cross to safer places...

Free the zibras, giraffes, and mice in mazes,
   "Display of wild animals in Kenya", exotic phrases!
Safaris stampeded with tourists and long gazes,
   While bodies lay infested in ditches, leaving no traces...

While the snow thickens in Antarctica...
   Fires have burned the bridges of Africa...

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